MY NASA DATA is a web-based project that allows anyone to make use of satellite data that was previously inaccessible. Through the use of a Live Access Server (LAS) a multitude of charts, plots and graphs can be generated for over 200 Earth system variables. About 100 lesson plans are available to help K-12 teachers get started using authentic data in the classroom.

Lead Organizations

Langley Research Center (LaRC) 




MY NASA DATA partners with many NASA Earth science missions (Aqua, Aura, CALIPSO, DISCOVER-AQ, GRACE, Terra, etc) to enable and support provision of their data through the website. We also include several NOAA datasets provided by NOAA partners.






Effectiveness and Impact

Evaluation findings and impact statements:

During the funded development period we worked with an outside evaluator. He primarily focused on evaluation of our teacher PD workshops. A larger, survey-based evaluation was attempted as part by a group of projects under the NASA REASoN funding umbrella. However, this effort was disapproved at the 11th hour by OMB and could not be carried out.

At the point of the last external evaluation, the outside evaluator found that the project had achieved all planned Outputs, and had also achieved its short-term Outcomes and part of its intermediate Outcomes. At that time, it was too early to evaluate long-term outcomes. Since that time only metrics could be examined; with ~80,000 distinct users per year, they definitely show the project has met its long-term outcome of increasing access to NASA data.

70,000 to 80,000 unique visitors per year have accessed the website over the last two years. We have been unable to obtain other impact data as OMB disapproved our survey (during the REASoN funding period.)"