GLOBE at Langley



NASA Langley is a Partner in The GLOBE Program. The GLOBE Program is an environmental, citizen science program uniting students, teachers, and scientists from around the world. GLOBE at Langley serves as The GLOBE Training Center of Excellence, with three master trainers in GLOBE atmosphere protocols. Scientists at Langley have been involved in the development of two atmospheric protocols for GLOBE: Contrails and Ozone. We conduct GLOBE teacher training workshops, free of charge to teachers, as well as provide follow-up support for tecahers. A unique aspect of our training is that we integrate SMD's ongoing, cutting edge atmospheric science into the workshops. We also use various educational technology resources such as Live Binders, phone apps, and online data visualization tools. GLOBE addresses all 8 of the Next Generation Science Standards practices and all GLOBE protocols and Elementary Storybooks have been aligned with the Virginia Science Standards of Learning.




GLOBE at Langley partners with the Science Directorate missions at Langley. We work closely with CALIPSO, DISCOVER-AQ, and SAGE III on ISS to plan and implement GLOBE activities related to their E/PO Plans. The workshops hosted and resources created for these missions support the mission's science goals.

For DISCOVER-AQ, GLOBE at Langley is collaborating with GLOBE Partnerships in the area of the airborne campaigns. For example, for the January 2013 campaign we collaborated with San Joaquin Valley School District and Los Angeles Unified School District. For the upcoming campaign in Houston in September 2013, we will collaborate with Texas Tech.

Another NASA partner we work with is the GLOBE Partnership at Goddard.

Within Langley, we have partnered with various NASA programs to offer GLOBE training, such as NASA Explorer Schools and Langley’s Office of Education ModSim Teacher Training. In order to reach local teachers, we partner with several local organizations including Virginia Air & Space Center, Virginia Living Museum, NASA’s Educator Resource Center, and the Region 2 Math & Science Coalition.

GLOBE at Langley serves on several advisory committees for the GLOBE Program Office. Recently we have served on the Protocol Refresh Panel, E-Learning Committee, NGSS Committee, and Student Climate Research Campaign Committee.






Effectiveness and Impact

Evaluation findings and impact statements:

We conduct surveys for all teacher training events, using survey form that has been approved by OMB. The GLOBE Program has an external evaluator and a history of program evaluation reports, which are available on their website at

GLOBE teacher workshop ratings are 4.7 on a 5 point scale.

Some impacts from most recent two years of GLOBE trainings: There was an article (with video) in the local paper about a teacher we trained from Williamsburg Montessori. She expanded student involvement in GLOBE beyond the specific content of the workshop. We also had two teachers selected for an NSF project for K-12 teachers and GLOBE.